Me Myself and VIM 01 Aug 2011

Round I

Why use VI? I thought every time I logged on to the server, does anyone actually use this? Its so complicated and difficult for such a simple task, had tried using NANO a couple of time, but found it too slow to open huge files like logs. So learned the basics of VI like editing and pattern searching and moved on. That was my first look at VI.

Round II

Even though I was not using VIM much, kept reading more about VIM, reading blog posts and tutorials on the web but nothing inspired me to actually dive into VIM and start using it as a default editor. But at the back of my mind I always knew I wanted to learn VIM. Until the day I came across this video from @derekwyatt, the 30 minute talk really inspired me to have a real crack at VIM. It gave me me the final push which was needed.


Getting inspired is one thing, but keeping inspired for a period of time and persisting is tough. Frustrated many times trying to force myself to change my editing habits, and moved back to my default editor. Actually I quit on VIM thrice going back and forth to my previous editor before actually holding on to it for 3 months now, slowly increasing my usage.


VIM has a very steep learning curve and curve is really long, from using it to edit on the server to using it on a daily basis and spending hours on it is different prospect all together. What was needed was persistence, self motivation and patience, it is difficult to change our editing habits, but not impossible and changing for the good is always tough. At the moment doing as good as my previous editor in terms of productivity and speed.

Getting Started

To start using VIM go straight to the “vimtutor” and learn the basics, do it twice or thrice if you like. It is the best place to start off, you will find tons of tutorials on the web but doing it yourself really helps build some confidence.


  • NERDTree
  • NERDcommentor
  • Command-t
  • Matchit
  • snipMate
  • Rails.vim
  • Fugitive
  • Surround.vim


  • jellybeans
  • ir_black
  • railscasts
  • mac_classic
  • vividchalk



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